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Encrypted Remote Workspaces Platform with your team productivity analytics

Start using encrypted workspaces with fastest-in-class access from any device and anywhere, getting unique analytics about productivity of your team.
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Closed testing of all the functionality, including the ability to create a real remote workspaces.

Revolutionary remote work software created by champions

Core Nextop technologies were awarded by:

4 years

of development...

Nextop is an out-of-the-box Cloud Office that is becoming the new standard in remote/hybrid work
  • Virtualisation
  • Hypervisor
  • Remote Control Protocol
  • Network Encryption
  • Cross-Platform Client App
  • Proprietary Algorithms
  • Virtual Networking
  • Online Load Balancing
  • Encrypted Backup System
  • Integrated Role System
  • Audio Compression
  • Workspaces Backups
  • Video Compression
  • Scale-out Architecture
  • Advanced Security Policies
  • AI Time Tracking
  • Storage Encryption
  • Hierarchical Access Lists
  • Nextop Thin Client
  • Network Visualisation
  • Remote Control
  • RAM Encryption
  • Image Compression
  • Predictive Load Balancing
  • Distributed Central Server
  • Consistent Cluster Hosts

Forbes / Global Workplace Analytics

57% of workers would look for a new job if their current company didn’t allow remote work

~$11K on an employee on average, companies in the US on each employee who works a hybrid model or remotely

Empower your employees to work from any part of the world as if they were sitting in the same office

With a previously unattainable level of security, power and speed, receiving real-time productivity analytics
Powered by AI

Remote Access

Connect to your workspaces from any device and anywhere using the fastest remote control software

Superior Security

Feel safe from now on, all workspaces in your company are encrypted at every level

Fault tolerance

Fault tolerance of all workspaces, even in the event of server failure with an integrated encrypted backup system

First Cloud Office

Speak, chat or interact with the same workspace, just as if you were physically together in the same office

Productivity Analytics

Automatic real-time productivity analytics of your teams, powered by AI, wherever they are or you are

Save thousands of dollars on your IT infrastructure with just one comprehensive solution

Before Nextop, all VDI and DaaS solutions have been much more expensive than traditional workspaces

Reduce CAPEX

Reduced capital costs using the innovative cluster load balancing system and the cheapest thin clients ever

The client side of Nextop Advanced Protocol includes low-level optimizations for ARM processors. This allows us to add support for thin clients starting at $100.

Reduce OPEX

Reduced IT expenses, as we've developed a fully automated solution with an integrated remote support system

Save thousands of dollars on your IT infrastructure with just one comprehensive solution

Before Nextop, all VDI and DaaS solutions have been much more expensive than traditional workspaces

On computers

Your first steps in Nextop. Just one download. Install Nextop on any computer in your company.

Get started with:
  • Fastest remote access to your desktop from anywhere with Webcam, USB, etc.
  • Customizable and automated real-time productivity analytics powered by AI
  • Remote IT support becomes available in your company
  • Security roles with hierarchical access lists to resources
  • Cloud office: speak, chat or work at the same workspace

In the Cloud

The fastest way to start using the full power of Nextop.Nextop is deployed on the cloud provider of your choice.

Everything from Starter setup, plus
  • Virtual workspaces powered by servers with fastest remote access
  • Create and manage thousands of workspaces with a few clicks
  • Virtual networking with managed IP Pools, DHCP and QoS
  • Nextop Thin Clients up to 10x times cheaper than traditional computers
  • Configurable and scheduled backups of all workspaces’ data
  • Migration tool for instant migration from physical computers to the cloud


Most cost-effective. Maximum level of security and control. Fully deployed on your hardware with integrated 24/7 support.

Everything in the Cloud setup, plus:
  • Configurable Load Balancing system to minimize hardware and electricity costs
  • Estimation of necessary hardware based on usage data from existing computers
  • Advanced configuration capabilities, including security and fault-tolerance settings
  • Real-time monitoring of all software and hardware resources with options to export